Nadja Auermann photographed by Helmut Newton, Berlin 1994

Walter Van Beirendonck S/S 1994 photographed by Ronald Stoops


Shimura Spring/Summer 1995

luis sanchis for the face (1998)

[Daniele Controversio Spring 2007. From La Cambre Mode[s] 1986-2006.]


*makes cereal*

*pretends i have a food network show*

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The first four covers of BAM! (Belgian Avant-Garde Fashion), graphics and layout by Anne Kurris and Paul Boudens, 1988—1990
Although BAM!(1988) was a conceptual statement that symbolised the power of these new fashion forces, the name was turned into an acronym for ‘Belgische Avant-garde Mode’. The vision of BAM! was to bring innovative quality and style, and even ‘to be a crowbar, operating with style’. The themes in BAM! are characteristic of the style vocabulary of the Six: fetishwear and S&M, youth subcultures (new beat, acid), ethnic and oriental inspirations, androgyny, pin-up girls, body-builders and an obsession with bad taste. The magazine mixed fashion with other cultural fields — photography (Robert Mapplethorpe), theatre (Jan Fabre), artists (Jan Hoet) — in a postmodern blend, referencing Jacques Derrida. BAM! Is laid out like the avant-garde magazines of the time and has a very strong graphical language developed by Anne Kurris, assisted by paul Boudens. It is clearly internationally oriented.